Ambassador Queeley Celebrates Passover With Chief Rabbi

His Excellency Ambassador Ian Queeley, was among a number of dignitaries and invited guests who attended a gathering with the Chief Rabbi of Morocco as they celebrated the Jewish Holiday known as the Passover. Ambassador Queeley, COP Retired, who is the Resident Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco to the OECS sub-region was invited to the reception held at the residence of the Chief Rabbi of Morocco.

The Jewish Holiday on Monday April 5 saw the culmination of a one week period with a number of events marking its freedom from exile for over three thousand years. According to Business man and spokesperson to the Rabbi, Yaakov Flitchkin who also attended the gathering, when the Chief Rabbi of Morocco Yoshiyahu Pinto met with Ambassador Queeley, he spoke of his interest in visiting St. Kitts and Nevis and other Caribbean Islands and offered to give his support in various areas to assist the Caribbean.

Ambassador Queeley said it was a pleasure for him to meet with the Chief Rabbi of Morocco Yoshiyahu
Pinto and exchanged words of greetings on behalf of St. Kitts and Nevis and the eastern Caribbean on a whole.

The Rabbi charitable organization gives donations and money to people all over the world as part of its tradition of helping the needy.

The Israeli-Moroccan Orthodox Rabbi leads a global organization called Mosdot Shuva Israel based in Morocco, New York, Israel, France, South America and more. He is a Kabbalist admired by Rabbis and Jewish leaders from around the world and has a following of tens of thousands globally.

The main event of the Passover is a festive meal in which the book of exodus and related writings are recited and for the duration of the holiday it is forbidden to eat certain food products.

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