Amory full of contempt for the people of Nevis

HensleyDaniel-1(ZIZ)– Former Deputy Premier of Nevis, Hensley Daniel is accusing the present premier, the Hon. Vance Amory, of having great contempt for the people of Nevis. He has also said that Mr. Amory, while coming from a background which ought to have made him a strong and efficient leader, has not used his vast experience and knowledge for the benefit of the people of Nevis.

“Yes based on his engagements prior to politics he had the best engagement there is. In cricket, in football, in sports, in education, in administration, in financing, in banking…what a glorious platform on which to do the things for Nevis, but once Mr Amory got into power he would never do anything for the people of Nevis. Mr Amory is full of contempt. Contempt for the people of Nevis. They don’t know him. Mr Amory has a heart of stone and he will never do anything to help the ordinary people of the country. Totally devoid of compassion,” he said.

Mr. Daniel continued that the people of Nevis must demand results of their leaders as politicians, including Premier Amory and Deputy Premier, Mark Brantley, should not be allowed to get away with doing nothing to improve the lives of the people of Nevis.

As I have said repeatedly I believe when Mr Brantley and Mr Amory go home at night they laugh their heads off at the people of Nevis because they do nothing to advance their welfare and well being yet they get elected,” he said.

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