Amory Wants Residents To Change Their Attitudes

(ZIZ News) — Long-serving parliamentarian, Hon. Vance Amory believes everyone has a part to play in luring investors to St. Kitts and Nevis.

During a recent radio interview, Amory boldly called on nationals to change their attitudes, saying that such a move can garner respect from overseas investors.

“I believe if we can get that positive attitude, it will have a positive, incremental effect on education and skills that we would be able to show to the world, show to those people who we try to attract for foreign direct investment, for the people here who are interested in investing to expand their businesses, that we have a quality workforce which will redound to the benefit of their business so it’s a whole cycle,” he said, adding “We may think that we would get investment but when investors speak of St. Kitts and Nevis, they must say ‘that place, as small as it is, the quality of the workforce, the attitude of the people make us want to invest there, make us want to spend our money.”

Amory added that respect for authority, in particular, is nothing new as it was the case many years ago. He is insisting, however, that that practice be returned.

“My hope for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis is that we begin to place a much greater value on ourselves and how we conduct ourselves. Changing attitudes, positive attitudes and the issue of respect for law and order, respect for oneself, respect for ones neighbour, respect for one’s property, respect for people’s property. I think these are things which we…I’ve been around for a little while but when I look back over my years, those were things which we took for granted,” he said.

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