Andrea Bussue says Friday’s protest march was successful

AndreaBussue-1(ZIZ News) — It has been several days since a number of Nevisians staged a protest march dubbed “Families for a Better Nevis.”

ZIZ News provided extensive coverage of the event and heard from participants who said they are dissatisfied with the operations of the CCM-led government of Nevis.

Andrea Bussue explained to this media house that she and her team were marching against crime, victimization and nepotism.

She said, “When we left the Government House area on Friday morning about 10:10, there were 136 people in line, 136 people: seniors, young people, women, men.”

According to Bussue, several persons joined the march along the way. She used the opportunity to record her appreciation to those who contributed to and organised the march.

“I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the men, the women, the boys and the girls that came out and said enough is enough,” she expressed.

“I would also like to thank the women who, by the way, this was a group that comprised of one or two women from each parish in Nevis who met twice and organised this march and I would like to thank the young lady who printed the 70 signs. So, each person had a sign, 70 signs and there were people who created their own signs and I would also like to thank the man who made the signs for the placards for us to place the signs on. That was his contribution, well made things that we can use again for the next march coming up.”

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