Annual Traditional Music Workshop

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 16, 2019 (ZIZ News): More than 20 children have taken the opportunity to spend their summer learning an instrument at the 13th annual traditional music workshop held at Buckley’s Estate.

The workshop, which is spearheaded by cultural preservationist Winston “Zack” Nisbett, aims to teach children how to play instruments used in traditional folk music.

In an interview with ZIZ news, Mr. Nisbett explains why he continues to host this workshop.

“ It’s a passion, dedication and it gives me the impetus to do this because of the kids, too often our kids are being torn apart and that is because I believe they don’t have things to do that are meaningful.”

Mr. Nisbett also mentioned that learning an instrument can be lucrative for the children.

The children learned instruments such as the quatro, guitar, banjo and triangle. Their guitar tutor, Wilmoth Solas shares why he decided to join this venture.

“I want the children to learn something good because a lot of them stray from their family…. that’s why I’m here to show them how to play so that when they grow up they can join a band and make a living.”

The workshop started on July 29th and it ends with a graduation on august 24th at Buckley’s Estate starting at 5 pm.

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