Another Crown for St. Kitts

(ZIZ)– St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas was among the hundreds of patrons who witnessed the crowning of Yarayni Morton as the 2014 Caribbean Culture Queen.

Morton, who represented St. Kitts in Monday night’s pageant, won the Best Interview and Miss Photogenic awards and was able to captivate the judges and audience with her performances in talent, swimwear, evening wear and interview.

Immediately following the coronation, she spoke with ZIZ News about the achievement.

“It’s amazing to watch my hard work pay off. I worked really hard for this and I’m so happy that in the end, I was triumphant. I congratulate all the other girls. They did a fantastic job and I hope that we can all go back to being friends and continue relationships despite the results,” she said.

Morton, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, then spoke of her immediate plans of self development.

“I’m actually going to pursue a Masters degree. That’s the next project for me. That’s the first thing on my mind so I’m hoping that that comes to fruition within the next two years,” she said.

Morton accredits the support she received from the Federation as truly inspirational for her before entering the pageant.

“St Kitts And Nevis let me just start by saying thank you so much the support it was absolutely inspirational I had to make sure that all of these people that were behind me, I had these constant well wishes, I wanted to live up to the expectations that they had for me and thankfully I was able to do that,” she said.

According to Morton, entering this pageant has allowed her to forge relationships with the other participants, some of which she said are sure to develop into lifelong friendships.

“Honestly I had a fantastic experience,” she said. “One thing I can say about the Miss Caribbean Culture Pageant is that it’s very organized.  So from about March we were in correspondence with them and the experience on the ground is even better. We are staying at this fantastic hotel; the treatment has been absolutely lovely. I’ve met some lovely young ladies. I’m sure we will forge lifelong friendships,,, and of course all of the determination that it takes to put into these shows; it gives you a lifelong lesson in patience and discipline and all of these things are necessary as we go through the course of life.”

Following closely behind Morton in the first runner-up position was Miss Anguilla who captured the award for best talent. The Dominican representative placed second runner-up and won the Best Swimwear category and the award for Best Promotional Video. The Best Evening Wear award was presented to Nevis’ Jomelle Elliott. She placed third runner-up.

Other countries represented in Monday night’s pageant were Montserrat, Curacao, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and St. Maarten.

The Miss Caribbean Culture Pageant preceded the Grand Parade which took place on Tuesday evening. These two events culminated Culturama 40.

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