Another Lyn Jeffers School student scores highest S.A.T. result in the history of the Federation

ZIZ News…June 3, 2010 – The “School with a Difference” has produced yet another outstanding student. Rachel Yearwood, a Form 5 pupil who will graduate in June 2010, obtained a S.A.T. score of 2110 in May’s USA University Entrance Examinations.

The S.A.T., or Standard Achievement Test, is the main benchmark used by American colleges and universities in deciding whether or not to admit a student.

“Our local CXC and CAPE exams are becoming more widely recognised worldwide” says Mr. Glasgow, Principal of the Lyn Jeffers School. “However, many American colleges still do not recognise the Caribbean exams and so we encourage our students that wish to pursue higher education in the USA to sit the S.A.T as well.”

Lyn Jeffers School’s outstanding Math teacher, Mrs. Joshi, and Deborah Lellouch host special S.A.T. classes for students in the Nevis Public Library in Charlestown.

Mr. Glasgow remarked, “Rachel Yearwood’s highest S.A.T. score in the Federation of 2110 was matched on three previous occasions by Joy Napier and Jessica Johnson, who both graduated from the Lyn Jeffers School and by Ani Joshi who attended both the Lyn Jeffers School and CSS. With our small class sizes and focused learning, students can realise their full potential.”

Rachel Yearwood commented on her achievement, saying, “Not only are Mrs Joshi and Ms Lellouch amazing teachers, but the S.A.T. class always had a relaxed and fun atmosphere that made me feel comfortable learning. Because my classmates had goals and were more mature, we could all focus on getting the work done rather than goofing off or dealing with behavioural problems. I looked forward to the S.A.T. classes way more than attending my actual school.”

This unique school in Nevis provides education from Pre-K to Form 5, where students may “let their light shine” through small class sizes, a disciplined & safe learning environment, and extracurricular activities including archery and scuba.

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