Anti-Crime Education in Schools

(ZIZ)– The police are expanding their crime fighting projects by reaching out to students to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Commissioner Celvin Walwyn told ZIZ News that one of the plans for 2014 is to assign police officers to various schools and have them speak to the children about the M.A.G.I.C Programme.

Commissioner Walwyn said, “What that does is that it gives the young people alternative to gangs, violence, guns, and drugs and they’ll be teaching this in the first form. It was never done before. It was done in elementary school but now we will be doing this in the first form.”

He says they are also paying particular attention to reaching the youth in Cayon, as this has become a hotspot for crimes recently.

“We have arrested 30 people so far from Cayon with regards to guns and violence and we’re trying to prevent the kids, the young people in schools from becoming involved in this so we have placed a police officer in Cayon High School as well, he said.”

Commissioner Walwyn says officers will also be on the lookout for minors who are on the road late at nights without an acceptable reason.

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