Anti-theft software on computer leads police to burglar who gets two year jail term

Dale Hazel (police photo)

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 28TH 2012 (CUOPM) – An anti-theft software which was downloaded to a laptop stolen in the Frigate Bay area has resulted in a two-year jail term for one of two men arrested during the investigation.

Officers of the Frigate Bay Police Station acting on information in relation to a series of burglaries in the area were notified by one of the complainants that she had downloaded the software on her computer. Prey project is a software that allows one to keep track of a laptop, phone and tablet whenever it is stolen or missing.

Using another computer, Prey project’s online interface, police was able to trace the stolen laptop to an area in Old Road and upon further investigation discovered that the Apple MacBook Pro computer was being used in a nearby alley and that the laptop was connected to the Old Road Police Station wifi.

Police with the assistance of officers of the Old Road Police Station obtained a search warrant and during its execution on August 24th arrested Hagell Rawlins who was found with the Apple MacBook Pro in his backpack.

A search of his premises on the execution of a warrant located an Apple MacBook adapter.

During an interview Hagell disclosed that he had received the stolen laptop from Dale Hazel of Challengers, a former security guard at Frigate Bay.

Armed with a search warrant police found on Hazel’s premises, one Lenovo adaptor, a Lenovo laptop, a computer power cord, a white Ipad cord, one Amazon kindle, one kindle green case, one Sprint Black Blackberry, one AT&T Black Berry and an AT&T cellular phone.

Hazel was taken before the magistrate on August 24th where he pleaded guilty and sentenced to two years on burglary charges.

Police brought no charges against Rawlins who cooperated fully in the investigation.

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