Antigua’s Calypso Monarch says regional exchange of cultures beneficial for various Carnival winners

ZIZ News (Chaïra Flanders) — Former Calypso Monarch of Antigua and Barbuda, Thalia Caines says she was very grateful for the opportunity to perform during the official opening of National Carnival and Female Calypso finals at the Circus on Friday.

During the official launch of Sugar Mas 48, Thalia performed several songs titled, “Obsession With The Past”, “Wild Wild West”, “A Cry For Calypso” and “Poor Man’s Piano”.


Her visit is part of the National Carnival Committee’s mandate to provide exposure for Carnival winners, as a result of the Caribbean Carnival Chairperson Convention also referred to as the “Four C’s” which seeks to promote cultural linkages throughout the Caribbean.

The Former Calypso Monarch said the initiative proves beneficial to artistes from the various islands.

She said, “I think it is a very good initiative because it lets us experience the different cultures and I am very very proud to be one who was chosen from my country to give a little bit of my culture to St. Kitts and likewise for other artiste coming in and we can also exchange artiste every season and just be part of something great”.

Queen Thalia also said that the regional exchange of cultures will help to keep the various cultural practices thriving across the region.

“It is a cultural experience and that’s really what is happening in the Caribbean. We have to keep our culture alive so I appreciate the initiative of the trade between the artiste and the calypsonians even the masqueraders because we had masqueraders [come] to Antigua from St. Kitts last Carnival”, she explained.

She said this was her first visit and she feels pleased that she was able to browse the city and enjoy the newly paved roads.

Thalia told ZIZ, ” I got to see the Berkeley Memorial Clock down where you have all the Carnival in the Circus, it’s beautiful and I’m going to be honest, I love the roads. They are smooth and nice and i didn’t expect that”

The Caribbean Carnival Chairperson Convention also gives Carnival winners the opportunity to perform in regional festivals throughout the region.

Countries such as St. Martin, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados and Anguilla have joined the initiative.

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