Arson Suspected as Commentators’ booth burnt in St. Maarten

According to a recent report from Mr. Burney Ryan, President of the St.Maarten Cricket Association, a fire of unknown origin, completely destroyed the commentators’ booth located at the premier cricket grounds in St.Maarten, The Carib Lumbar Ball Park.

The fire which occurred on 9th April, was started while the St.Maarten cricket executive was involved in a very important meeting at the grounds.

Mr. Ryan has indicated that the fire whether accidentally or deliberately set, will not deter his Association from developing the popular sport of cricket on the island.

He stated in his recent communiqué:

“Colleagues, this act ……whether as an accident or deliberately done, will not deter our sport of Cricket. We will continue to be vigilant in the eye of adversity to keep our sport of Cricket going no matter what.

This will only prompt us to work together more, to ensure and preserve a place for our youth and our present cricketers, in the sport of Cricket.”

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