Athletes Give Back to Former School

Just one day after they were lauded by their former school for their athletic achievements, Chloe Williams and Sadiki Tyson returned to their alma mater and made a presentation of cheques to their beloved former Primary school, The Maude Cross Preparatory School.

In making the presentation, Chloe stated:

” ……Sadiki and I have returned today to make a return presentation to the school. Firstly, on behalf of Sadiki and myself, I would like to extend sincerest gratitude for the tokens given to us yesterday.

However, on inspection of said tokens, we discovered sums of money. As junior athletes, we are not allowed to accept monies. As individuals, we strive to maintain compliance with any rules we are governed by and as the role models we represent to these impressionable children, it is even more important for us to do so.

In light of all of this, we are returning the said sums to the school. We will always be quite grateful for the gesture but we are certain that the money could be put to use to aid in the improvement of the school and the academic and or athletic life of the students enrolled.”

Headmistress Bishop accepted on behalf of the school and indicated afterwards that she will consult with the school’s Board and staff members to determine how best the donation can be utilized.

The brief ceremony was witnessed by the Moms of the two athletes, along with supportive family members and members of staff at the school.

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