Attorney General Hosts Town Hall Meeting in St. James Parish

Attorney General, Hon. Patrice Nisbett (2nd from left)

NEVIS–AUGUST 24, 2010) Residents of the St. Thomas’ and St. James communities will get an opportunity to hear about developments and air their views from the recently passed Value Added Tax (VAT) Law.

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs in the Federal Government, Hon. Patrice Nisbett will host a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, August 24th at the Church of God in Bricklyn at 7pm.

The Town Hall meeting will afford residents the opportunity to hear first hand from their member of parliament on the economic, social development and political issues affecting their community. Also in attendance will be an official of the VAT Tax Reform Unit who will make a special presentation.

“I expect to bring the constituency up to date on VAT and any other matters concerning the residents of St. James and St. Thomas’ Parish,” said Hon. Nisbett.

The most important segment of Tuesday night’s meeting will be the opportunity by residents to ask questions, provide suggestions and comment on the VAT presentation.

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