Bacchanal Corner to Kick Start Pre-Culturama 41 Activities

AntonioLiburd-2(ZIZ News) – “Culturama 41 is just about six weeks away.and we move into high gear, this being the 1st of June, we are stepping up the game a little bit,” said Antonio Liburd, Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat.

Liburd, while speaking with ZIZ News on Monday about the pre-Culturama 41 activities, said this week’s Bacchanal Corner will be the first in a series which will run until July 24th.

He said, “Bacchanal Corner was introduced to the Culturama calendar a few years ago to promote the local bands and DJs on Nevis. It has done well over the past two years that we have been having it and so, we wanted to continue with that activity in town on a Friday afternoon, between the Sports Museum and the D.R. Walwyn Plaza where we feature our local bands and our local DJs.”

Culturama 41 will be staged on Nevis from July 23rd to August 4th 2015 under the theme, “Culture, Fete and Fun: Culturama 41!”

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