Bad Weather Undermines Bay Road

High waves gouge a section of Bay Road sidewalk

ZIZ News…Oct 5, 2010 – A section of the bay road near the memorial has collapsed.

High waves battered that section yesterday and last night and that led to about 30 feet of sidewalk caving in.

Waves continue to crash into the section and spill into the road. The area has been blocked off to traffic.

A broad area of low pressure, centered just north of the Virgin Islands, is producing a wide area of unorganized shower and thunderstorm activity across the eastern Caribbean, the Lesser Antilles and northward into the Atlantic.

Information from the weather channel at 8:10 this morning says heavy rain is likely to fall through midweek over most of the northern and eastern Caribbean from Hispaniola to the Leeward Islands with some areas receiving 3 to 6 inches of rain.

Flash flooding and mud slides are possible.

Atmospheric conditions are expected to become more favorable for this system to develop as it shifts north of Puerto Rico Wednesday.

It is possible that it could strengthen into a tropical depression as it begins to move northward over the western Atlantic.

Another area of disturbed weather is located around 950 miles to the east of the Lesser Antilles. Strong wind shear over this disturbance should prevent any development of the system over the next few days.

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