‘Banjo Man’ – Charles Ferdinand Celebrates 90 Years

Banjo Man’s 90th Birthday Celebration

St. Kitts, March 12, 2010 (SKNIS): Supervisor of Social Services Mrs. Anne Wigley says her ministry was pleased to participate in a special celebration to mark the 90th Birthday of Charles Henry Ferdinand who is also known as Aubrey Liburd.

Ferdinand who was born in Conaree Village on March 9th, 1920 to Celina Ferdinand and Aubrey Liburd, became known for his musical talent later on in life.

His children report that he learned to play many instruments by air, his favourite being the Banjo of which he never gets tired. He played in many bands during the forties and fifties the last being “Surfers Waders” which was very popular and performed numerous gigs and dances throughout the island.

The birthday celebrant and his wife Linnie Elliott produced 14 children of which ten are alive.

Ms. Wigley stated that, similar to other individuals who have attained significant age milestones, Mr. Ferdinand attributes it to his Christian background and his dependence on God.

He attends the Rehoboth Apostolic Church at Buckley’s Site.

Ms. Wigley stated that it is important for the elderly in our society to be applauded when they attain an outstanding age. Especially in the present global gang war phenomena which results in many young deaths. She added that there needs to be a closer link between youths and the elderly to instill higher moral values as well as a respect for human life.

She said that her ministry usually involves youth in the celebration of milestone birthdays and uses this opportunity to have the elderly share with the youth where possible. Wigley said that in more cases than not, the youths are intrigued by what they learn.

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