Bartending Workshop continues at Fisherman’s Wharf

(ZIZ News) — The OTI Bartending Workshop continued on Wednesday with the practical division at Fisherman’s Wharf.

UK-based Fling Bar Services Consultant, John Collingwood explained the idea behind the practical element of the course.

“We are doing more of a practical element and the idea is highlighting the importance of consistency, the different methods, everything from shaking blending stirring and bottling so that they can make classics because classics are the foundation for bartender’s knowledge. It is really important that they know how to make a cool Margarita through to a Daiquiri and Pina Colada. We are also doing more European style classics like Martinis because ultimately we have to give them a full round of knowledge about cocktails”, he said.

Collingwood then went on to list the components of the practical section.

“This part of the course is where we break down the cocktails into the different drink making methods so we start off by simple built drinks and then after that we go into how to shake a drink, how to model so that if they look at a recipe they know exactly how to make that drink and can do that in a consistent and lovely way”, Collingwood added.

The bartending course also consists of classroom sessions that were held earlier at OTI.

The local bartenders were given the opportunity to practise what they were taught in hands on exercises.

These included the Making and Tasting of Drinks, Flavour Balancing and other bartending techniques.

The bartenders were then divided into groups of four.

Collingwood presented them with the task of creating the best-tasting Pina Colada cocktail as a way to test their knowledge and skills.

Group 4 emerged as winners of the cocktail making competition.

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