BHS classes continue

(ZIZ News) — The following is a press release from the Ministry Of Education on the Basseterre High School issue dated November 2, 2014:

The Ministry of Education has become aware of rumours purportedly giving notice that there will be no school at the Basseterre High School on Monday 03 November 2014. This false rumour has been disseminated via Social Media as well as other means.

The Ministry has given no such instruction or notice with respect to the operation of the BHS and hereby gives firm notice of the following:

1. That school operations at the BHS will continue on Monday and hence forth until further notice.
2. That the Ministry expects that all teachers assigned to BHS will report for classes on Monday and henceforth.

The Ministry of Education is aware of allegations of continued environmental concerns at the Basseterre High School. However, based on all professional and scientific advice, the Public Health Authorities continue to declare that the environment at the BHS is safe.

Over the last months the Ministries of Education, Health, and Public Works have worked assiduously with the CARIRI (the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute), and CARPHA (Caribbean Public Health Agency) to address the identified environmental concerns at the Basseterre High School. All corrective actions as recommended by these institutions were addressed.

The Ministry of Education is committed to the Education of our children and the health and safety of all students and teachers. The Ministry continues to require the attendance of all students at the Basseterre High School.

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