BHS stakeholders committee focusing on creation of protocols

Basseterre, St. Kitts (CUOPM) – Meetings of the Joint Stakeholders Committee of the Basseterre High School have been focusing on the creation of protocols which will act as a resource aimed at empowering key stakeholders to play a critical role in the upkeep of BHS and all other schools.

In a joint statement, the Committee said the implementation of CARIRI & CARPHA’s recommendations continues to be given top priority by the Ministries of Health and Education and its partner stakeholders.

“In order to increase transparency and efficiency, the implementation process has been managed by a Committee of Joint stakeholder, who meet weekly to discuss the progress of remediation works at Basseterre High School (BHS) and vet CARPHA’s and CARIRI’s reports. CARPHA’s preliminary report dated August 23, 2014 indicated that ‘the remediation actions were satisfactory’ for the recommendations that were implemented, meaning that there was compliance with the recommendations. This allowed for the opening of school on 1st September 2014,” the statement said.

It added that in relation to said upkeep, the documents produced to date include a Chemical Hygiene Plan to govern the operation of the science labs, a Maintenance Plan to guide the cleanliness and upkeep of the school and, on the advice of CARPHA, the St. Kitts Teachers Union submitted a draft Communication Plan to which all other stakeholders including the Ministries of Education and Health contributed to have it finalised.

“These documents have been submitted to CARPHA for their perusal and input. The Ministry of Health will ensure regular monitoring of the staff, students and the physical environment,” said the statement, pointing out that all members of the Joint Stakeholders Committee continue to pledge their support to ensure a safe and healthy teaching-learning environment.

The interests of stakeholder organizations are represented by the following persons: Minister Nigel Carty, Mrs. Ionie Liburd Willett (Permanent Secretary), Ms. Clarice Cotton (Chief Education Officer) and Mr. Quinton Morton (Planner) Ministry of Education; Minister Marcella Liburd, Dr. Patrick Martin (Chief Medical Officer), Mr. Alexander Riley (Chief Environmental Officer) Ministry of Health; Mr. Cromwell Williams Director of the Public Works Department; Mr. Ron Dublin-Collins President of the St. Kitts Teachers Union (SKTU); Mrs. Carlene Morton Principal BHS; Members of BHS Management Team; and Mr. Walwyn Chiverton President of the PTA Executive.

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