Black Rocks Viewing Platforms

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 16, 2020 (ZIZ News): It was another step forward for the development of Black Rocks with A ceremony on Wednesday to present a new feature.

Tourism and other government officials were among those present at the dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for new viewing platforms at Black Rocks.

The platforms span 2 levels and include various spaces for recreational activities.

The new feature is the most recent in a series of upgrades and additions to the area and according to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Carlene Henry Morton said the new decks make taking in the view safer and more accessible.

“In years gone by, people were very scared,” she said. “The precipice was quite treacherous and people didn’t want to venture too close. But when you go on the decks you’re going to realize its a spectacular and stunning view. To look down on the vegetation, and the black sand beneath and the rock formations and lava flows that have been frozen in time and so on. And we felt that people were losing out on all of that by having to stand back. So these decks are going to bring people up close, give them that personal, intimate type of interaction with Black Rocks.”

Minister of Tourism the Hon. Lindsay Grant said the continued development of Black Rocks is significant and symbolic of St. Kitts path to the future when the borders reopen.

“As we fine tune our plans for reopening our borders. Today’s celebration is yet another milestone of achievement at Black Rocks. It takes on a special meaning an manifestation of our bright hope and optimism for the future,” he said.

Prime Minister Dr. Hon Timothy Harris said this new development falls in line with the government’s plans to bring the benefits of tourism to more areas outside Basseterre.

“It was our belief, and it still is, that in order for everyone to get their fair share, it would be necessary to decentralise tourism into our rural areas,” he said. “Doing so would facilitate the physical, economic, and social transformation and revitalization of neighbourhoods such as Belle Vue which have traditionally missed out on both the tourism dollar and the discretionary spending of citizens residents and vistors via the consumption of recreation and entertainment

The new decks, which are wheelchair accessible up to the main level, cost just over $350,000 funded by the Whitegate Corporation.

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