Black San’ gathers pace as more sponsors come onboard

SANDY POINT, St. Kitts and Nevis (March 9, 2011): With less than one month on the clock for the launch of the much-anticipated community festival in Sandy Point, more sponsors are pledging their commitment to what could be the most spectacular community event the nation has seen in decades.

Black San Bang-a-Lang, to be held from April 1-25, has already induced enormous community pride as nationals home and abroad count down the days to this ‘cultural fete at Belle Tete’. Plans for the festival have also gained the backing of the corporate community, with other businesses joining RAM’s and in sponsoring Black San’ events.

In the last two weeks, huge brands like LIME, Positively Inclined, G-Squared and Digicel have been added to Black San’ promotions as the festival committee has gained key partnerships for the inaugural three-week fest. Popular youth brands like iRepSKN and Island Expressions have also joined the Black San’ train while two of Sandy Point’s largest businesses and community partners, Daniel’s Trading Company Ltd. And E&K Supermarket have secured their place as festival sponsors.

St. Kitts Auto Supplies has come onboard as the official bicycle parts and gears store for the RAM’s Endurance Bike-a-thon, and the latest addition to the sponsorship list, Triumph’s Beauty Store, has pledged that anyone visiting its Pelican Mall outlet will receive a 15% discount of most of its products for correctly reciting the full name of the festival every weekend until the end of the festival!

Support has been steadily picking up, demonstrating the ”backing the private sector still has for community development”, in the words of Black San’ PRO Judy Dupont. And, as the upcoming weeks unfold, partnership for the festival is expected to increase further.

“The support that we have witnessed in the last few weeks can only be interpreted as the private sector acknowledging the positive impacts of such a community festival, and investing its resources accordingly.”

“We thank the businesses who have come onboard and who have recognized, from a distance, the quality of events we wish to stage. We encourage other businesses and citizens to support the festival in any way they can,” Dupont said.

Black San’s parent organization, SPIRIT, has also launched a website promoting the festival events. The colorful offers an interface for viewers to browse photos of past SPIRIT events or join the excitement in viewing the many promotional videos available. Viewers can also be part of the festival by making a donation as small as $20 in a quick and safe online transaction!

Anyone can be a sponsor; anyone can donate. Simply contact any member of the Marketing Team listed below or by email at Spread the word, tell a friend’; Black San’ bringing fun until the very end!

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