Black San postpones 2020 events

In the middle of a global pandemic, Black San has taken the responsible step of postponing our events. Our decision to adhere to and support “social distancing” practices is based on sound advice from local and international health professionals and authorities. We have also been advised by the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police force that will be no issuing of any event permits at this time. Our festivities involve some of the most vulnerable groups, such as our senior citizens and we would like to safeguard our community first. We also have a responsibility to our sponsors, partners, contributors and patrons to act responsibly in a time like this. Due to the current economic impact of this virus, we can appreciate that the number one priority of most families is ensuring that their homes are financially secure,well supplied and spared from health challenges. To this end we have decided to put the health and security of our families and hold off on the Black San’ Bang a Lang events.
Not only have we postponed the festival, we have come up with a 10-step approach to combat the spread of the Coronavirus with the advice of the Health Department and other stakeholders. We feel it is important to have all hands on deck to prevent this deadly virus from gaining momentum in our federation.
To our patrons, we say – continue to practice good hygiene, and take other protective measures to safeguard yourselves from this highly infectious disease. We can assure you that when we are advised that it is safe to gather, we will bring back Black San’ in full force. For those who have purchased early bird tickets, you are encouraged to hold on to your tickets and receipts, and listen out for when we can all fete responsibly. Thank you for understanding. We are all needed in this fight against Coronavirus, so it is of utmost importance that we all keep safe.
10 Things Black’ San will do to take a stand against the Coronavirus.


  1. Increasing Capacity to Fight –  We are promoting registration for this course that would help prepare us to take Non Pharmaceutical Interventions against a pandemic like the new Coronavirus. You can log in and sign up using this link to access the training.
  2. Caring for our Elders –  Every year we take our elders out on an elderly appreciation day. This year, we will visit their homes in groups of less than 10 to sensitize them about the virus and take lists of supplies for preparing individual care packages. Additionally, we will be making ourselves available to fill prescriptions  for our elders, to support their safety.
  3. Keeping in touch – We will  develop a contact list and disseminate information through text messages to keep you up to date and informed with new developments.
  4. Keeping it healthy – As far as possible, our platform will be used to promote the practice of everyday preventive actions before and during an actual outbreak.
  5. Having Community Conversations –   By using focus groups with community members to gather information about their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and challenges related to NPIs and COVID-19, we will improve our communication strategies, messages and materials on the outbreak.
  6. Finding Solutions –  We intend to work closely with key partners and stakeholders to address COVID-19 readiness challenges and barriers identified by information gathered from our focused groups in the community. This will help to identify solutions to help persons move past barriers and subsequently help people better adopt best practices to meet changing circumstances during an outbreak.
  7. Assisting the vulnerable – We intend to visit the main hub for persons with disabilities to hear their needs and how we can assist. We believe that population should be included in planned strategies while we deliver messages that address fear, stigmatization, and discrimination.
  8. Getting Connected –  We intend to discuss with the Department of Technology to assess and update the availability of technology and equipment, such as mobile phones, computers, internet access, and wireless devices, so they are ready for immediate use.
  9. Helping you Get Ready –  Promoting the importance of a Household Plan which includes networking with your neighbors in the event of an emergency.
  10. Standing with You – The COVID-19 outbreak could last a long time. The impact on individuals, households, and communities may be great. When public health officials have advised  the threat no longer exists, we intend to evaluate our plans and see how to improve on them in the event of a recurrence. We all have our parts to play when keeping St. Kitts-Nevis Safe.
Black San’ Will Take a Stand
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