Blue Martini Piano Lounge continues its concert series

Bertie Higgins

ZIZ News…February 25, 2010 – The Blue Martini Piano Lounge continues its concert series this Saturday night, February 27th, with a special show from Bertie “Key Largo” Higgins. Bertie is a true entertainer and not only plays his own hit records, but many other fun island classics too. This pirate and poet continues to write and sing about turquoise lagoons, golden sands and islands in the sun in a style he affectionately refers to as “Trop Rock”. The resounding theme throughout Bertie’s work: “Make the best of today lest tomorrow never comes”.

In 1980, Bertie had been working on a song about a personal, failed romance. That song was “Key Largo”. Bertie recorded the master and presented it to Kat Family records, a newly formed CBS distributing company. At first they rejected it. After persistent badgering by Bertie and his management team, Kat Family finally agreed to release the single in 1981, and pop music history was made.

“Key Largo” blew a hole in the U.S. charts. When it reached number one in the nation, the world took notice and it went on to become a massive international hit. Over the years, other major hit singles followed like “Just Another Day in Paradise”, “Casablanca (A Kiss Is Still A Kiss)”, “Montego Bay”, and “Kokomo”. In fact, “Casablanca” became ‘Song Of The Year’ in all of the Pacific Rim and the album hit Double Platinum. Bertie Higgins became an international recording star literally over-night, and he has continued to record and tour ever since. His ninth, and most recent album, was released worldwide in Spring, 2009, on Universal Records.

Nigel Rawlins, Manager of the Blue Martini, says “We are really looking forward to Bertie’s show. My delight with the songs ‘Key Largo’ and ‘Just Another Day in Paradise’ is on-going. One can still hear these hits on tradio. Plus, we have seen snippets of his shows. He does a bunch of other great island party songs like ‘Margaritaville’ and ‘Stir It Up’ and other classics. It’s going to be a great show with lots of fun music.”

Rawlins added, “This show is going to be a little different for us too. We are giving fans a real bargain by combining the ticket and open bar for the night into a bargain price of only $35 a person. Show attendees can stay and enjoy the show and then listen to our regular hi-octane piano player once the show is over and it only costs them $35 for a whole night of listening to great music and an open bar until 2:00 a.m. We feel we are really providing great entertainment value for the price with this setup. Hopefully people will come and enjoy it and agree.

Blue Martini is adding even another feature this time around by collaborating with local charity, PAWS (People for Animal Welfare on St. Kitts) for this event. Revenue from every ticket sold will be shared with PAWS. The Blue Martini management hopes that its patrons and music lovers will purchase tickets and show support for PAWS.

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