Boosting awareness about the Cultural Industry

(ZIZ)– For 2014 the ministry of culture wants to boost awareness about the creative and cultural industry.

Research and documentation specialist, Marlene Phillips, said the ministry intends to inform the public about what services they offer.

“We’re hoping to sensitize the public about the create and cultural industry,  how to use the ministry of culture, what kind of services do we have? It’s about how to turn your creative skill and talent into a career,” she said.

Phillips says the ministry also intends to help individuals to get certified in order to gain better employment opportunities.

“You know we have practitioners who have been plying their trade creatively for years. We want to help them get certified so that they can take that knowledge and the paper that they have and they can get jobs all over the world,” she said.

Information about the ministry of culture and the services they provide can be found at their website,

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