Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University offers free lectures to Kittitian public

ZIZ News…February 12, 2010 – The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is offering another series of lectures, short courses and seminars on self development and positive living in the federation this weekend.

President of the LOMA society of Trinidad and Tobago and spiritual teacher for 15 years, Mr Anand Singh is presently on island to facilitate this weekend’s forums.

In an interview with ZIZ News, Mr Singh says his first presentation entitled ‘From my vantage point,’ focuses on looking at life in a way that is always to one’s advantage.

“Many times we look at life in a narrow way or we look at life as if things are happening to us at a very bad time; we feel that we are hopeless or we loose courage. Usually, it’s because we are not looking from the right perspective. Usually we are not looking from high above.”

The spiritual teacher continues, “if you standing at the first floor, your view, your vantage point is different. So when we stand in life on the first floor you can only see that floor. So we cannot understand life fully because we only see the things that are immediately around us. However, if we are able to take our vision beyond and are able to understand that life is vast and appreciate it in a holistic manner then we’ll actually be standing on the top floor.”

The Brahma Kumaris meditation centre has been opened at Taylor’s village to offer courses, seminars and lectures in subjects such as mediation, positive thinking, stress management and many other topics. The aim is to help individuals develop and manage themselves effectively.

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