Brantley Bronx United Receives New Uniforms

Sports Page—Wednesday 18th September 2013– At a brief but significant ceremony held at the ET Willet Park on the evening of Tuesday 17th September, Minister of Sports and parliamentary representative for ST.John’s, Hon Mark Brantley presented a full kit of spanking brand new uniforms to the Bronx United team.

According to Manager of the team, Oscar ASTRO Browne, he was determined to have a team from Brown Hill compete in the league this year and he approached Minister Brantley about the possibility of sponsoring the team and he willingly agreed.

‘The Minister shares the same vision,’ ASTRO noted. ‘He too is confident in the ability of the guys from the Bronx and he also wanted to see them actively involved in the league.’

Minister Brantley for his part, in presenting the full kit of uniforms, asked the team to play hard but fair and give of their best at all times.

ASTRO also indicated that the team was comprised of mostly younger players and that it is really in a building phase but that it has tremendous potential.

The kit consisted of 20 full uniforms (Jersey and shorts inclusive), along with accompanying pairs of socks. Two sets of the uniforms were specifically designed for the goalkeepers in the team.

ASTRO thanked Minister Brantley for the gifts and promised that his team would indeed ‘represent’ to the best of its ability.

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