Brantley Proud of CCTV System in Charlestown

HonMarkBrantleyHeadshotS(ZIZ)– Deputy Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley, has said that his government is continuing to deliver on promises made while they were in opposition.

One area he said he is particularly proud of is the implementation of a Closed Circuit Camera System (CCTV) which monitors Charlestown 24 hours a day. According to Mr. Brantley, this a major step in the fight against crime.

“We promised in opposition that we need to depend more on technology, less on the police….in terms of the humans who walk around as police officers,” he said. “And so we have embarked, with very limited resources, we’ve had to do it piecemeal. But the entire of Charlestown, the entire city centre is secured by CCTV coverage. That is, for a little island like us, quite extraordinary.”

Brantley said it is the eventual hope of his government that all of Nevis be covered by the CCTV system.

He added that he is of the belief that Culturama 2013 was incident free as a result of the video surveillance system.

“We actually want to have the entire island…the Island Main Road and the city centre covered. Last year we deployed CCTV coverage at our Culturama venues and I think that contributed to us having an entirely incident-free Culturama. I’m hoping we can achieve the same this year.”

The Deputy Premier also explained that the CCM administration believes technology should be used to its full potential in the fight against crime.

“And this government is a great proponent of technology because the cameras don’t sleep, the cameras don’t take vacation, the cameras don’t get sick. Once we maintain them we feel that ultimately we can have a grip that covers the island and gives people some additional comfort,” he said.

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