Bronx crisis masters Old Skool

Sports Page — It was the Bronx Crisis team that ended up as the teacher in charge of the class as they matched skills with a determined Old Skool team on the evening of Tuesday 12th May.

The match had the small but vocal crowd humming throughout.

Old Skool won the first quarter by two points but the Crisis team bounced back to win the second by an important 8 points.

Old Skool took the third by another 2 points and in the final and deciding quarter, Bronx Crisis won by 3 critical points to win the game by all of 7 points.

The speedy little man, Dwayne Warner worked magic for his Bronx team with his 23 points and for the Old Skool team, it was the Santo Domingo born Nifredy Coloine with his 28 points who was the hero for his Old Skool team.

The match summary was as follows:

Bronx Crisis 84 to Old Skool 77

First quarter Old Skool 18 – Crisis 16
Second quarter Crisis 20- Old Skool 12
Third quarter Old Skool 23- Crisis 21
Fourth Quarter Crisis 27- Old Skool 24

Bronx Crisis 84 points

Dwayne Warner 23poi 2reb 4ass 3ste 5 of 6 free throw made
Justin Belle 14poi 14reb 2ass 0 of 2 free throw
Matthew Harding 15poi 3reb 3ass 2ste 4 of 8 free throw made

Old Skool 77 points

Nifredy Coloine 28poi 5reb 1ass 1ste 6 of 12 free throw made
Santos Calderon 18poi 3reb 9ass 4ste 9 of 11 free throw made
Eddie Parris 12poi 9reb 1ass 3ste 0 of 1 free throw made

Next game Thursday 14th May 7pm CG Rebels vs. Dynasty Ballers

Next scheduled SKNABA games—Wednesday 13th May:

In match one at 6pm Wolf Pack of St.Kitts takes on PJ’S of Nevis and then at 7.45 pm CG Rebels of Nevis will engage Exodus of St.Kitts.

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