Burn It Up

(ZIZ News) — Numerous local artists have come together to produce a unique dance video that features performers from several groups.

It’s set to “Burn It Up” by Janet Jackson featuring Missy Elliot and was shot on Princes Street showcasing various dance styles including African, jazz, and hip-hop.

Choreographer Caresse Hanley said she came up with idea while she was studying at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

“I just had this idea of doing a collab because I love so many different dance styles: hip-hop, dancehall, African, modern, and I knew that there were so many amazing dancers back home. So I thought it would be fun to do a collab, and it was,” she said.

Managing Director of Blue Torch Studios, Stephen Smith, filmed the piece and spoke about the importance of artists collaborating to produce unique products.

“When two artists can get together and collaborate you get so much more out of a product. Usually when I work it’s usually on a commercial basis and you’re working with clients who have specific needs. So they want to do commercials based on specific product or whatever the case is. But when you meet an artist it’s always such a vibrant open-minded sort of experience and you’re able to have a lot more creative freedom as a cinematographer,” he said

He also noted that “for our country it’s very necessary for us to collaborate. We’re a very small nation and to make a mark I think it’s important for us to put our best talents together, our best foot forward and move that way.”

Hanley and Smith say they’ve been receiving positive feedback about the video and there are already plans for future collaborations.

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