Cactus Entertainment: Significant to Promote Positive Artiste with Positive Messages

ZIZ NEWS…21 May 2010. The latest single ‘Genocide Plan’ by local artiste Crucial Bankie has been dubbed his best work yet.

That’s according to his Manager and CEO of Cactus Entertainment, Mr Romeo Parris.

Mr Parris told ZIZ News that Bankie usually sings great songs but that in his opinion, the single, ‘Genocide Plan’ has surpassed all his previous work. He said that in addition, the message of the song encouraged him to get involved with the artiste.

Mr Parris spoke about the significance of his company collaborating with positive artistes with positive music.

Mr Parris says presently he is closely affiliated with two publishing and distributing company in Australia. He said he will utilize this medium to promote Crucial Bankie’s song, ‘Genocide Plan’.

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