Call To Support Craft

ZIZ News.. [July 12 2013] — A local artist says she is disappointed by the lack of support locals are showing to Kittitian made craft.

ZIZ News spoke with an artist at the craft house who says locals need to show more appreciation for homegrown talent and creativity.

Dezra Jefferson has been working at The Craft House for several years. She and the other workers specialize in several areas such as pottery and painting.

As of late she Jefferson has noted that locals seem to think that The Craft House only makes souvenirs for tourists.

She says that’s not the case….she says all of their products are of high quality and locals should take advantage of them.

She says the craft house makes more than just ornaments. There’s a fully staffed workshop that makes furniture and other items for the home.

Jefferson says by buying from the craft house you stay connected to your roots….you’re supporting local craft persons and you’re showing that you’re proud of who you are.

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