Calypso Developmental Session

(ZIZ News) — The National Carnival committee held its first Calypso Development Session on Saturday.

In an interview with ZIZ News, Committee Chairman Noah Mills said the participants were put through practical and theoretical demonstrations on criteria, writing calypso, and the different calypso judging methods.

“It was a wide array of stakeholders. We invited musicians, calypso writers, calypsonians, members of the media and other individuals who are affiliated in some way with the calypso art form,” Mills explained, noting that the seminar facilitated questions and a review of the criteria to ensure “that all of them understand the intricacies of calypso writing and performing calypsos.”

He said the timing of the session is important, as the calypsonians participating in Sugar Mas 44 have enough time to fine-tune their songs.

The Calypso Development Session was held at Sweet Lime Restaurant at Port Zante.

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