Cardin home residents receive gifts from NAAP Members

A Good Moment

ZIZ News…April 29, 2010 – The 75 residents at the Cardin Home were treated to individually wrapped gifts of toiletries compliments the National Association of Administrative Professionals (NAAP). This community project took place on Saturday, 24 April 2010 and formed part of the Association’s week of activities celebrating International Administrative Professionals Day 2010.

NAAP Director, Adora Warner during the presentations said that “we are not just a professional organization, focused on training, but we also give back to society, we give back to the community in the form of tangible personal items”.

Some residents expressed their thanks the way best they could, they shared their stories of how they appreciated our gesture as such gift goes well to aiding and assisting management. Some read the bible and other sang songs. Meanwhile, the physically abled residents helped the NAAP members to distribute packages to other residents who were stationed in bed. In the time it took to implement the project, the warm welcome of the residents was felt by all members NAAP.

In a short but meaningful closing ceremony, Nurse Missy Bloice commended the members of the Association for their thoughtful gesture. She continued “I say thanks on behalf of all the residents, the nurses, Ms James and Mr Richards, and express a heartfelt gratitude for the gifts to the home. Thank you for remembering us as you celebrate your week of activities.”

NAAP Board of Directors and Nurse Bloice

Nurse Missy Bloice

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