Caribbean duo ‘Bringing the vibes’ in ICC WT20 WI 2010 tournament song

ZIZ News…March 9, 2010 – Dancehall maestro, Mr. Vegas, and soca queen, Fay Ann Lyons, have combined to unleash the ICC World Twenty20 2010 Tournament Song “Bring It”.

Appropriately titled after the event slogan, this fusion of two of the Caribbean’s musical genres has been produced with young cricket fans in mind and showcases the persuasive harmonization of soca and dancehall. However, it promises to be a satisfying mix that appeals to cricket fans of all ages.

“ICC World Twenty20 represents a more stimulating, fun and fast-paced version of cricket and the song fits in with that spirit and energy. It’s designed to catch younger cricket fans, especially throughout the Caribbean – which is one of our primary objectives,” said ICC WT20 WI 2010 Regional Marketing Manager, Ms. Michelle Gibson.

Mr. Vegas

“This song makes you want to move, to dance. The lyrics, the melody – they are reflective of the essence of our lifestyle and cricketing passion in the West Indies. Partying and playing cricket go hand in hand. Music has always been an essential part of cricket matches in the Caribbean, whether it’s deejays or tuk bands or the unmistakeable sound of the conch shell.”

“Bring It” begins with one of Mr. Vegas’ signature pitches on a quick tempo ragga-soca beat where he refers to the Twenty 20 dance. He is then joined by intros from Lyons, urging the crowd to get in on the action: “Hands up, hands up, everybody bringing it.”

Mr. Vegas then pours a radical dancehall rap about cricket on the beat, before the song steadily rises to a crescendo with the catchy chorus sung by Lyons. Listeners continue to be swept into a celebratory frenzy and, by the end of the song, are likely to be singing along with the artistes…

The song was written and produced by Marlon Chen, owner of Coda Studio in Orlando, Florida, and co-written by the featured artistes.

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