Carlon seeks out special Coach in bid to break Longstanding Record

Carlon Tuckett, son of former West Indies cricketer Carl Tuckett, is a little man on a mission.

The gifted athlete who is expected to be one of the star performers at the upcoming annual Inter Primary sports meet slated for April 2nd is not only intent on winning gold medals on the big day but he intends to break a particular long standing record.

He is aiming to break the class 4 boys 200 meters record which has been standing for quite some time now.

Want to guess who is the current record holder?  The name is Kieran Powell, the West Indies opening batsman who has incidentally offered young Carlon an undisclosed monetary reward should he succeed in his mission.

Carlon for his part, is working out his math logically.

He has sought out assistance from the coach who was in charge of Kieran’s exploits when he established that record.

Want to make another guess?

His name is Carlisle Powell, Kieran’s Dad.

So, it was no surprise that very early on Wednesday morning, Carlisle Powell was at the ET Willet Park complete in his shorts and T- shirt, taking the young Tuckett through his paces.

‘You see, if he wants to do like Kieran, he has to go through what Kieran had to go through,’ he said, matter of factly.

That only makes sense and so all eyes will be on the clock when Carlon leaps out of the 200 meters blocks on April 2nd.  Even if he does not break the record and someone beats him to the tape, they would obviously be the new record holder!

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