Carnival 2014-2015 will be one of Inclusion

SylvesterAnthonyFilePhotoB(ZIZ News)– This year’s National Carnival celebrations will feature a mix of privately and publicly organised events. That’s the word from Carnival Committee Chairman, Sylvester Anthony, who spoke with ZIZ News about the collaborations.

He said the Carnival committee takes an inclusive approach to the annual festival.

“I think it continues to improve. One of the things we in the National Carnival Committee recognise is that the carnival experience is what we would like people to have, an extremely exciting carnival experience. That means having private events that are good as well those that are put on by carnival. So we’ve worked very closely with a number of private promoters to ensure that their events will be as the carnival events itself,” he explained.

Mr. Anthony also said persons can expect a busy carnival season this year.

“I think starting on Friday, there should be a lot of excitement throughout Basseterre and I should say throughout St. Kitts and in Nevis. You know the calypso tent started a couple of weeks ago and that has been going on two-three nights a week. From Friday, we’ll be seeing quite a lot of activities. We start almost immediately, a few days later with the Health and Fitness Fair and I think just about every day or other day after that, there will be an event happening in Basseterre to keep the carnival spirit and the Christmas spirit alive.”

St. Kitts and Nevis’ National Carnival, also dubbed “Sugar Mas 43” is being celebrated with the slogan “Join the Fun and Revelry for Sugar Mas 43.”

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