Carnival Chairman Announces Revised Soca Semi-Finalists

(ZIZ News) – Chairman of the National Carnival Committee, Noah Mills announced the changes to this year’s Soca Monarch Semi-final Contest on Tuesday afternoon, during an interview on ZIZ Radio.

Following a recent period of uncertainty surrounding the soca contest, Mills confirmed the revised list of artistes who will compete in Friday night’s competition noting that the Groovy segment will comprise of “Nicha B, Fantastic Thunder, Shakki Starfire, K-Jah, Delly Ranks, Vincy, Ladonia, Piece-A-Man, Dis N Dat, Smiley, Ijahnya, Shanna, Rankin Skeff, Rucas, KT, Sugar Bowl, Daddy Tustee and Dejour.”

The Power category has also seen some changes where semi-finalists are concerned.

In explaining the new list, Mills said, “The original 15 and I’m going to take you down to 14, would have been LAX, Shanna, Delly Ranks, Mr. Hype, Ijahnya, Piece-A-Man, Daddy Tustee, Bagnall, Jazzbo, Pinocchio, Jeezy Sparta, Fantastic Thunder at 12, Mr. World at 13 and Sekou at 14. So at 15th position it’s Tannabal and at 16th position, Ras Kelly.”

This year’s Soca Monarch Semi-final contest will be held on Friday, December 11th.

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