Catholics honour two Mothers of the Year

Mrs. Sandra Laws (left) with her plaque and gift basket presented by Deputy Chair of the Parish Council, Mr. Wingrove Archibald.

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MAY 17TH 2012 (CUOPM) – Catholics at the Immaculate Conception Co-Cathedral in Basseterre honoured two mothers last Sunday during Mass in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Mrs. Sandra Laws and Mrs. Miriam Anne Etienne were cited as Mothers of the Year. Each was presented with a plaque and a gift basket.

According to the citation, read by Mr. Vincent De Fraites, Chair of the Parish Council, Mrs. Sandra Laws was as a great example of how a Christian woman should live.

“She was raised by an extended family and grew up with a heart full of love and community spirit. She had always dreamed of having a large family of her own – about 10 children, but fell short of her mark by five. However, that did not deter her from fulfilling her dream as her love as a mother goes beyond her own, as she has been a significant figure in the lives of many other children. This mother has always put the needs of others in front of her own. To her family, she is the pillar that holds them together. She loves them through the best and worst times of their lives,” said Mr. De Fraites.

He noted even though Mrs. Laws, had to work most Sundays when her children were small, she made sure that they attended Mass and Sunday School every week from first communion up to confirmation. One of her daughters was a Eucharistic Minister before going to study, and another was a lector and liturgical dancer.

“Mrs. Laws has always shared her great faith in God with her kids. It does not come as a surprise that, even through her own struggles, she is a hero to her family as she continuously shows profound faith, courage and strength. Her will to set the tone for her trying times could not be more evident than during her recent health battles. Now that her children are all adults, they are living proof that she has succeeded as a great mother by giving them a solid foundation. They feel more than lucky to have such a virtuous woman as a part of their lives,” Mr. De Fraites said.

He said Mrs. Laws is extremely generous and willingly volunteers her assistance in a number of church activities.

“She is a great cook and has displayed her culinary arts in the food stall at many of the church’s bazaars and fathers’ day luncheons,” said Mr. De Fraites, adding: “Many of us have enjoyed her famous black pudding and souse.”

She was born in New Town and raised in the Village and is married to a very caring and community spirited man and doctor, and has five children and two grand-children.

Deputy Chair of the Parish Council, Mr. Wingrove Archibald (left) Mrs. Miriam Etienne (center) and Fr. Vincente Gonzalez.

The Parish Council chair, in presenting the second Mother of the Year, noted that Mrs. Miriam Etienne has been described by her husband as “a devoted, hardworking and loving wife and mother.”

“From a very early age she showed signs of a devout and active Catholic. She was a member of the Junior Choir and of the Legion of Mary (a rare occasion since most of the members were mature and age-able women). In her teenage years she was involved in various social groups in the church – Girl guides & Rangers, Pre-YCW (Young Christian workers), and later in life she was an active member of the Parish Council, Prayer Group and Mother’s League in her country,” said Mr. De Fraites.

He noted that since migrating to St Kitts in September 2000, Mrs. Etienne has established herself in the church in quick time, despite her hectic schedule at the office and taking care of her family.

She was actively involved in the Catholic Women in Action (CAWA) group; she is a Cathechist; a Lector; an Animator; a member of the Parish Council; and the Director of the Junior Choir.

“Her family states that there is never a dull moment with this mother. She dedicates her time fully to the happiness and well being of her family. In fact, when her husband had just migrated to St. Kitts to take up a work assignment, she called one Sunday afternoon to find out what he had for lunch. He informed her that he just came from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). She immediately decided to migrate to be with her husband in St. Kitts because she could not fathom the idea that her husband was having Sunday lunch at KFC,” the citation said.

“She is a God fearing woman and has raised and trained her children to respect others and live in the fear of the Lord. Her children’s active involvement in the church from a very early age is testimony to the fruits of her upbringing,” Mr. De Fraites added.

Her daughter is a member of the Junior Choir, a Lector; and an usher. Her son is a member of the Youth Choir and also an usher. Her motherly advice is given not only to her children, but to her extended family and others.

Mrs. Etienne has three children and is blessed with a supportive and loving husband, who is also a devoted Catholic.

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