Causes of deaths identified for homicide victims

(ZIZ News) — As police investigations continue into three homicides that took place last week, post-mortems were conducted on the bodies of the victims to determine their causes of death.

The post-mortem examinations were conducted by forensic pathologist, Dr. Valery Alexandrov on monday, march 05.

In the case of the double homicide that occurred in Keys Village, the autopsy report determined that the cause of death of 19-year-old Naomi Finch was manual strangulation, while her sister, 20-year-old Jimmyliah Finch, died from multiple chop wounds with partial decapitation.

Both victims were from Keys Village.

The report on the autopsy on the body of 25-year-old Mikelton Tyson of Phillips Village concluded that he died from a single fatal gunshot wound to the chest.

Investigations into both matters are ongoing.

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