CCC Bath United draws exciting game

Sports Page — 28th May 2013 — It was a SKFNA division one game being played at the Bath Village playing field on Saturday 25th May. One of the top teams in the league, Trinity Strikers was engaging the home team CCC Bath United.

Things were not going well for the home team and the results at half time gave the impression of a foregone conclusion. After all, Trinity Strikers were on top of their game and were leading by the comfortable margin of 2 goals to nil.

However, they were in for a surprise and the sizeable crowd on hand was in for a rare treat. The CCC Bath United team regrouped and came out in the second half as men with a new purpose.

The team effort was obvious as they stringed the plays together and the passing of ball improved one hundred fold.

Soon it was Trinity Strikers on the back foot as they tried valiantly to defend their goal but the CCC Bath United team persisted and never eased up the pressure and was rewarded with two critical strikes: One of the boot of Akeem Taylor and the other was a Deon SKEPPIE Thompson special.

CCC Bath United had managed to draw the game, much to the delight of their fans.

Final score -Trinity Strikers 2 CCC Bath United 2

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