Cell phone recycling project launched

With the increasing use of cell phones and its possible impact on the federation’s environment; saving the earth has taken on a new meaning and a totally different approach.

Yesterday, a cell phone recycling project, spearheaded by the rotary club of Liamigua and lime, was launched.

The club’s intention has always been to undertake initiatives that enriches the lives of people, the health of the environment and addresses global issues.

Their recent most successful achievement has been to assist in the eradication of polio across the world and this phone recycling project is just another notch in their community service belt.

The monies from the project will be ploughed back into the communities, but most importantly it will help to save our already challenged environment for future generations.

The General Manager for the Solid Waste Management, Mr Alphonso Bridgewater is ecstatic about the project, saying it is timely as the landfill has almost exhausted its capacity.

The two key things the public should know is one, phones from all mobile providers are accepted and two, the unwanted phones’ batteries must still be intact.

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