Central Basseterre Representative says she has delivered for her Constituents

MarcellaLiburd-4(ZIZ News) — The Hon. Marcella Liburd, Parliamentary Representative for the Constituency of St. Christopher Two, Central Basseterre, says she has delivered for her constituents.

Minister Liburd was elected to parliament in 2010 on a platform of “stronger families and safer communities”.

“On a platform of stronger families and safer communities, we have delivered on almost all that we promised and again, it’s a question of ratings. If we have delivered on 85 percent, and I am sure we have delivered on about 85 percent, we have delivered and so, I don’t have to go through all of what we have delivered but what I would say to you is that we did this in a planned and strategic way in terms of structure and so, we basically looked at infrastructure, family and community especially as we are trying to build stronger families and safer communities,” she noted.

Minister Liburd added that under her watch, the road infrastructure in McKnight, Shadwell, Dorset and Pine Gardens has improved.

She said her constituents have also been able to reap the benefits of improved and increased housing opportunities.

“We introduced scholarships for children at Irish Town Primary and at Beach Allen. We have had our family fun day that we keep all the time. We have built homes for persons who had land on a programme for over 60 something persons…I could tell you that this time around, many men, single men, benefitted from that housing programme and as you know, 62 units are going up fast and furious at Pine Gardens. We’ve also delivered 200 pieces of land to persons who were previously without land in Central Basseterre and I think we have some more of that to deliver,” she said.

According to Ms. Liburd, who also serves as Minister of Social and Community Development, the recently constructed children’s parks are big hits with patrons.

“We have delivered Dorset Park. We have done major renovations down at The Gardens. We have delivered the New Road Family Park which we continue to get rave reviews about and so, our big thing really is to maintain these facilities because you can’t make major investments like this and just let them run down and so, we are really focused on maintenance. Every day we get lots of compliments about New Road Family Park from visitors who are here, from nationals who are here and from people who live here. It’s not just a question of Central Basseterre and never mind where it is located, I get people in the rural areas saying to me ‘I took children from this part of the country up there today and they are really impressed with what’s up there,” she said.

The Hon. Marcella Liburd will contest the upcoming federal election against Roy Flemming of the National Integrity Party and Jonel Powell of the People’s Action Movement.

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