Ceremony To Commemorate 86th Anniversary Of Buckley’s Uprising

Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 26 2021 (ZIZ News) The Rastafari Nyabinghi Theocracy Church of His Imperial Majesty and Her Imperial Majesty will host a ceremony in commemoration of the 86th Anniversary of the Buckley’s uprising later this week.

On 28th January 1935, cane cutters at Buckley’s Estate demanded an increase in wages and the Manager, refused to consider the demand and ordered the cutters back to work. The cane cutters immediately held a meeting and decided to go on strike.
The unrest continued for some days, and resulted in three deaths and eight recorded serious injuries.

ZIZ News spoke with Order’s Public Relations officer Ras Iyah said it is important to host this type of event because of the history associated with it.

“There was an uprising to imply the feeling that they were really feeling at the time in the treatment… they were underpaid and the work they outlined for the payment they were receiving was not sufficient to help them add substance of their daily living or even for the lifestyle of the people they have to look after,” he said.

“It’s most important because there is a vital part in it that it takes a change in the whole aspects of the Caribbean islands and to see… we should be able to continue to strive to share the information.”

He outlined what can be expected at the commemoration ceremony.

“We have something in place, beyond from the general aspect of the time to start. We are doing another area where we said we would start a procession from 2:30, we would take it from Wigley Avenue area, walk from there and go into Buckley’s area and then we will start the ceremony for 3oclock to 6 o’clock. We are looking at having speeches and poets to display at the anniversary to engage the information shared about…our history so the generation can outline where they go forward from here.”

Ras Iyah said it is hoped that in the coming year, more can be done to recognize the events of the Buckley’s Uprising.

“The date marked is the 28th. This year we are marking the 86th anniversary and we are glad to see this is the 86th but we would like to know that 86th will be able to impact…when the 87th, the 88th we have something recognizing more than just a celebration.”

The ceremony in observance of the 86th anniversary of the Buckley’s Uprising will be held at Buckley’s estate on Thursday Jan 28th.


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