CFBC leadership group gala

ZIZ News — The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Leadership Group 2013/ 2014 brought its 15-week learning exercise to a close with a gala held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort last week.

The program, now in its second year, was designed to identify and further the development of key individuals in organizations, businesses and communities on the island.

President of CFBC Dr. Kelvin Daly in his capacity as keynote speaker saluted the participants for being a part of the program.

”As a leader you must be proactive without being overbearing, competitive without driving your staff to madness and hungry without being gluttonous,” he said.   “I salute all of you for wanting to become better leaders because not everyone has what it takes to make it happen. You must have what it takes to boost the self confidence and self esteem of all whose lives of which you impact. Words of encouragement will get better traction than words of condemnation.”

Dr. Daly also gave the participants advice on being good leaders.

“You must embrace the concept …and not be afraid to produce new leaders. New leaders make it possible for you to delegate and to do so with a sense of confidence rather than trying to micro manage everything and everybody. Stop erecting glass walls to separate yourself from others who you may see as a potential threat to your position of power. Prove yourself worthy, uplift yourself but do not do so by suffocating and kicking down others,” he said.

The Leadership Program 2013-2014 brought 30 participants from various organizations across St. Kitts together for a 15-week leadership learning exercise.

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