CFBC staff and students to travel to Mississippi State University as a part of partnership agreement

(SKNIS): Two lecturers and two students from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) will soon be on their way to the Mississippi State University in August under a partnership agreement to participate in a research and study abroad programme in the area of Environmental Studies, Agriculture and Geography.

“The opportunity here is to build a partnership between CFBC and the Mississippi State University. We look forward to this opportunity because we will be looking at problem solving type research in our community dealing with climatic and environmental data,” said CFBC Director of Employee and Programme Development, Dr. Leighton Naraine, while noting that he will be facilitating the research end of the agreement from St. Kitts while the students are in Mississippi.

Professor and Department Head for Geoscience at the Mississippi State University, Dr. John Rogers, said that he is pleased to be working with CFBC as a part of a grant funded programme that provides student exchange between the United States and the Western Hemisphere with the goal of increasing awareness to develop collaborative research efforts and get students to explore other areas.

“We have two missions. One is to do some preliminary research looking at environmental issues and also having an exchange with reciprocal visits. I am coming down here visiting again this wonderful campus and beautiful island setting up relationships and collaborations and in return, I am bringing these guys to the United States,” he stated.

Science Lecturer at the CFBC, Dr. Quincy Edwards, noted that he is grateful to be a part of this collaboration with Mississippi State University and that it will be an invaluable experience for the students.

“Our students are very fortunate to be paired with such a top tier university in which we can share some of the environmental problems that we are being faced with locally and also internationally. Our students will be able to learn some of the environmental problems that are facing Mississippi and also some of the solutions and mitigation measures that they use to solve these problems,” Dr. Edwards said.

Environmental Studies student, Aleksei Burroughs, said that he is grateful for the opportunity to travel to Mississippi and look forward to the experiences that they will gain on this trip.

“I am very thankful that we can travel, learn and share experiences with each other and our country can benefit from their resources and knowledge on the environment,” he added.

The two students that will be travelling to Mississippi for one week are Nichiel Huggins and Aleksei Burroughs, who will be accompanied by lecturers Glenroy Blanchette and Dr. Quincy Edwards.

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