CFBC students construct drone from scratch

(ZIZ News) — The students of the Information Technology Programme at The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College have successfully built a drone as part of their course project.

Lecturer at CFBC’s Technical Division, Dr. Ricardo Neil explained that although drone technology receives mixed reviews from the public, drones can help persons like farmers execute their everyday tasks.

“Drone technology in some countries is rated as being negative. However, for every negative technology there’s some positive to it. For example, if we have a few acres of land and a farmer has ten acres to monitor every day, if we perfect this technology that we have it means that a farmer can actually use a drone to monitor their crops and also we can modify the drone where we can add some sort of technology to it where we can actually check the plant itself”, he stated.

CFBC students Malique Douglas and Khalid DeGuire told ZIZ about their drone-building journey.

Douglas while speaking with ZIZ, said “It’s been a very good learning experience. I got to learn about the different parts that make up the drone, the brains of the drone and how to program the drone. I feel like drone technology could help St. Kitts in many different ways, not only for Agriculture but also for National Security, where the police can have a drone that surveys areas which they cannot reach”, he added.

“It’s been very difficult because we had a lot of burns from the solder and the distribution board and it’s just been a good learning experience because to see that it actually works and it flies, it’s just been good”, DeGuire noted.

Around 21 students are currently enrolled in the program and are expected to complete several projects throughout the school year.

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