CG Massives edges out Bronx in thriller

BasketballFilePhotoB(Sports Page) Rain did not dampen the mood as an exciting game between home team CG Massives and Bronx Crisis was temporarily halted on one night and completed on the following night.

This as the action continued in the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league at the Church Ground hard court.

A heavy down pour on the evening of Saturday 12th October, forced a halt to what was an exciting matchup between Church Ground Massives and Bronx Crisis. The score in the final quarter when the rain came, was CG Massives 54 and Bronx Crisis 45.

The game was continued the following night—Sunday 13th October and both teams fought tooth and nail to the final whistle with the scores tied 63-all.

The game then went into not one but three overtime periods and at the end of the intense battle, CG Massives came away the winners by 2 points.

In another exciting game played on Sunday night, PJ’s edged out Dynamics by a mere 3 points and CG Rebels dominated Bronx Crisis in the final game of the evening, winning by all of 10 points.

Here is a summary of the matches played:

Game One Saturday 12th October to Sunday 13th October C G Massive 79 to Bronx Crisis 77.

First Quarter Massive 18 to Crisis 13
Second Quarter Crisis 15 to Massive 14
Third Quarter Massive 18 to Crisis 13
Game rain out continue on Sunday 14th October
Fourth Quarter Crisis 22 to Massive 13
First Overtime 5 to both team
Second Overtime 5 to both team
Third Overtime Massive 6 to Crisis 4

C G Massive79 points
Cheslyn Hutton 24poi 3reb 3ass 2ste 6 of 21 free throw made
Anthony Phillips 13poi 5reb 2ste 0 of 2 free throw
Kirthni Esdaille 16poi 6reb 2 of 4 free throw made

Bronx Crisis 77 points
Anzel Revan 16poi 10reb 4ass 4ste 3b/s 10 of 22 free throw made
Everson Webbe 18poi 7reb 2ass 1ste 1 of 2 free throw made
Matthew Harding 15poi 10reb 1b/s 3 of 4 free throw made

Winning team after three overtime C G Massive 79 points. Winning by two

Second Game 13th October PJ’s 53 to Dynamics 50

First Quarter Both teams 9
Second Quarter Dynamics 20 to PJ’s 13
Third Quarter PJ’s 7 to Dynamics 5
Last Quarter PJ’s 24 to Dynamics 16

PJ’s 53 points
Vance Allen 22poi 1ass 4ste 4 of 6 free throw made
Jeffrey Lewis 16poi 2reb 3ass 4 of 9 free throw made
Lowell Wallace 2poi 12reb 1ass 1ste 0 of 3 free throw

Dynamics 50 points
Norris Williams 22poi 18reb 1ass 3b/s 4 of 11 free throw made
Julian Nisbett 7poi 10reb 2ass 1ste 1b/s 1 of 4 free throw made
Lloyd Aurthurton 9poi 4reb 1ste 1b/s 1 of 4 free throw made

Winning team by 3 points PJ’s.

Third Game 13th October C G Rebels 65 to Bronx Crisis 55

First Quarter Crisis 15 to Rebels 12
Second Quarter Rebels 16 to Crisis 10
Third Quarter Rebels 17 to Crisis 10
Last Quarter Both teams 20

C G Rebels 65points
Justin Jeffers 18poi 24reb 2ste 3b/s 0 of 2 free throw
Jenerson France18poi 4reb 4ass 4ste 1b/s 5 of 10 free throw made
Jermie Jeffers 12poi 2reb 4ass 1ste

Bronx Crisis 55 points
Everson Webbe 27poi 5reb 4ste 3 of 6 free throw made
Matthew Harding 12poi 11reb 1 of 2 free throw made
Anzel Revan 4poi 4reb 1ass 2ste 1 of 6 free throw made

Winning team C G Rebels.

Next Games Saturday 19th 7:00pm Jessups vs. C G Massive
Dynamics vs. Bronx Crisis

Sunday 20th 7:00pm PJ’s vs. C G Massive
Dynamics vs. C G Rebels

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