Change in direction of traffic flow

Traffic in Basseterre

LICENSING AUTHORITY, (May 16th 2012) — The general public in particular motorists, are asked to note that effective May 21st, 2012 the direction of the flow of traffic on certain streets in Basseterre will change as follows:

i. Brombill Street (street east of Fulton’s Bakery)

Traffic will flow northwards only, ie from the Bay Road to George Street.

ii. Upper Delisle Street

Traffic will flow northwards only from Liverpool Row to Princess Street.

iii. George Street between Stainforth Street and East Independence Square Street.

Traffic will flow in both directions.

According to a release, these changes are intended to improve the circulation of traffic in Basseterre to reduce congestion by providing options to exit busy streets.

The Licensing Authority will continue to monitor the flow of traffic in Basseterre and make the necessary adjustments accordingly.

We urge your fullest cooperation as we seek to make our roads safer.

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