Chief Engineer At PWD Explains Rationale For Cutting Open Sections Of Road After Paving

Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 28, 2021 (SKNIS): Chief Engineer at the Public Works Department (PWD), George Gilbert, shared some insight into why small sections of roads that were recently paved are sometimes cut open.

It goes back to the placement of some utility lines which run underground. It is standard practice for utility companies to be notified before any major road renovation takes place. This affords the opportunity for them to upgrade their infrastructure where necessary.

The St. Kitts Water Services Department (WSD) in particular, is a key partner in this process. Since the Island Main Road Rehabilitation Project began in 2018, several older pipes have been replaced. While most of the underground pipes were relocated to run parallel to the road, some of them unavoidably still run across the road.

Mr. Gilbert said that some pipes were impacted during the road works.

“In the process, the pipe apparently got broken underground so it started leaking,” he said, noting that the pipes may be three to four feet underground.

“When you see it manifests itself on the surface, it would have spread over a large area so that area has to be cut out, and the WSD has to go in to change out those pipelines,” said Mr. Gilbert while appearing on “Working for You” on January 27, 2021.

The chief engineer added that after repairs are completed, there is a period of time that is allotted before the road is repaved. The allotted period of time is to ensure that there are no other damages in the immediate area that need addressing.

Once officials are satisfied, the road is repaved.

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