Child Evangelism Fellowship hosts Open Day

ZIZ News — The local chapter of the Child Evangelism Fellowship on Wednesday hosted an Open Day at the CEF office in Shadwell.

The Open Day is one of the events that make up the group’s anniversary week of activities.

Chairman of National CEF Board Nigel Browne said that the Open Day was an opportunity for the group to showcase themselves to the general public.

“We want the public to be aware of the many opportunities that are there for our boys and girls and we want to be able to showcase what we do so we invite people to come in and see the training that we do see the material and interact with us and actually get a hands on approach of the ministry,” he said.

Pastor of the Caribbean Christian Fellowship, Brandon Grayson encouraged persons to use the tools of CEF.

“You can come here and take training courses and get equipped to be able to event host a good news club or a bible study in for the kids in your own home and get equipped and do these things,” he said.

Sharalee Kelly of the Antioch Baptist Church spoke to ZIZ news about the importance of CEF.

“I think that each of us need to take an opportunity to work with CEF in whatever capacity that we can I think CEF is a really important vehicle for advocacy children when we talk about abuse, when we talk about mistreatment, when we talk about behaviour, it’s a very important outlet,” she said.

On showcase were materials available to the general public on strengthening children’s ministries.

The anniversary activities continue this Saturday with a fun, food and fellowship day at the Wesleyan Outreach Center in Shadwell.

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